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Commercial and Financial Translation: Business correspondence, Annual reports, Annual accounts, Insurance-related documents, Balance sheets, Financial reports, Business plans, Cash flow statements, Statements of changes in equity, Profit and loss accounts, Bank statements, Shareholder information, Meeting summaries, Contracts, Newsletters, Employee handbooks and manuals, Code of ethics, Inventories, Presentations, Shipping documents, Charter parties, etc.

A poor translation can undo work carried out over a period of months or years, whereas a good translation projects an image of professionalism abroad. This is why Traduspanish Translations is committed to producing quality translations.

Legal Translation: Birth certificates, Court pleadings and judgements, Death certificates, Dissolution of Partnership Agreements, Divorce papers, Drivers’ Licenses, Employment Agreements, Employment Rules of Conduct, Equipment Lease Agreements, Grant Deeds, Guaranty Agreements, Industrial Lease, Last Will & Testament, Limited Liability Company Agreements, Limited Partnership Agreements, Loan documents, Marriage certificates, Non-Competition Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Pledge Agreements, Power of attorney, Pre-nuptial Agreements, Quit-Claim Deeds, Settlement Release Agreements, Termination of Lease Agreement, Terms and conditions, University Diplomas, Warranty Deeds, etc.

Technical Translation: IT, Software, Networks and Internet, Manuals, Material safety data sheets, Patents, Technical specifications of any kind, Scientific articles, Acoustic engineering, Aeronautics, Agriculture, Agricultural machine, Air conditioning, Agribusiness, Anatomy, Architecture, Armament, Artillery, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Audiovisual, Automatics, Automation, Automotive engineering, Aviation, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Building technology, Calorimetry, Cartography, Ceramic-glass, Chemical engineering, Chemistry, Civil engineering, Climatology, Coal technology, Coating, Computer science, Computing and data processing, Construction, Crystallography, Ecology, Electricity, Electrical engineering, Electromagnetism, Electronics, Electronic engineering, Electric energy, Environmental engineering, European Community, Fluid physics, Food technology, Forestry, Gas technology, Geography, Geology, Geophysics, Geomagnetism, Heat engineering, Horticulture, Hydraulics, Hydromechanics, Hydrology, Illumination, Illuminating engineering, Industrial heating, Informatics, Information technology, Insurance, Internet, Inorganic chemistry, Instrumentation, Irrigation, Laboratories, Leather, Livestock, Machine tool, Magnetism, Manufacture, Mathematics, Marine engineering, Mechanics, Metallurgy, Meteorology, Metrology, Military technology, Mineralogy, Mining technology, Motors, Nautical engineering, Nuclear physics, Nucleonics, Oceanography, Oils and fat, Optics, Organic chemistry, Packaging, Paper technology, Petroleum industry, Petrology, Pharmacology, Photography, Physics, Plastic-rubber, Pollution, Printing, Production engineering, Psychiatry, Quality assurance, Radio, Railway engineering, Refrigeration, Regional planning, Robotics, Safety engineering, Sanitary engineering, Solar technology, Space technology, Statistics, Telecommunications, Telegraphy, Telephony, Television, Textiles, Thermodynamics, Tools, Topography, Tow planning, Transport, Veterinary science, Wave physics, Wind energy, Zoology, etc.

When it comes to technical translation, understanding and using terminology is of paramount importance. Traduspanish Translations uses the best information technology resources to handle technical translation of great volume with quality, coherent terminology and efficiency. Among these resources (that do NOT include automatic translation in any case) are translation memories, terminology databases, and reliable sources of technical documentation.

Marketing, Advertising and Tourism Translation: All kinds of promotional documents. E-commerce, Advertisements, Marketing campaigns, Travel packages, Travel and city guides, Brochures, Flyers, Restaurant menus, Press releases, Newsletters, Cover letters, Customer communications, Museum guides, Travel articles, Agreements for car rental, Cruises, Accommodation, etc.

A business looking to break into new markets and internationalise their products or services needs a partner that specialises in the translation of this type of material so that not just the message, but the entire campaign and everything the business wants to communicate to the target audience reaches them intact and set to help them achieve their business goals.

General Translation: Texts with no technical complications and intended for a non-specialist audience (Newspaper articles, Press conferences, Interviews, Cover letters, and more).

Website Translation: Thanks to the new technologies available, simply translating your company website will open the doors of your business onto the entire world: a minimum investment for maximum profitability.

By translating your website into another language, you have more chances of it appearing in local search engines, giving more exposure to your business. Do not risk the reputation of your company by relying on automated translation software. At Traduspanish Translations, our team of qualified website translators are also experts in globalisation, internationalisation, and localisation services.

 Other specialised fields: Sports, Gastronomy, Oenology, Art, History, etc.


Liaison Interpreting: Business meetings, trade shows, visits of one or several persons abroad, etc.

In social and public services: Hospitals, police stations, schools, etc.

Telephone Interpreting

Proofreading and Editing

Full correction of your text. We offer a wide-ranging text correction service:

  • Proofreading and correction of spelling
  • Proofreading and style correction
  • Proofreading and correction of translations.

The way a text is written can be such that it fulfils its ultimate goal, attracting the reader’s attention and adapting to the style required in each scenario (direct, advertising, literary, scientific, etc.), or it can constitute a barrier which impedes communication and does not serve the purpose for which it was written. Traduspanish Translations will gladly proofread, edit, or evaluate translations that you have had done by someone else. We strive to be honest and forthright in such editing and evaluation, and will readily praise the work of a competitor if we find it deserving.

Traduspanish Translations also adapts Latin American Spanish documents for Spain. We do not only take into account the words that are used, but also the culturally sensitive matters, resulting in a text that is more appealing to your customers. A good translator with expertise in the field, language and culture will save your company time, money and maintain your brand.

Audio Transcription

Transcription consists of writing down the content of an audio document to later use it as a written document. Traduspanish Translations undertakes transcriptions to capture the content of conferences, meetings, public addresses, speeches, discussions, debates, etc. Once the transcription is completed, the text can be translated into Spanish. We also offer written translation services into Spanish from an audio document without a prior transcription. Traduspanish Translations will turn your audio and video files into precise written transcripts you can use for all of your business and marketing needs.

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